Hi everyone,

I created my own system of scalping. This system is very simple, anyone can use it. You can download the article of forex scalping right now.

Forex_Scalping_by_Utusk.pdf (216 KB)

thanks fxmorgan this system is really good, I trade using some strategy like that but you have some tips that i didnt know and will try to learn…with mine i normally make 20~30 pips a day how about you?

I download your article for forex scalping. Here is good tutorial about scalping and I found something useful for me. Thanks fxmorgan to share it with us.

Thanks this was a good quick introduction.

your book is clear and the strat is simple. It looks like you will need to have an at least a 85% win rate to make money. thats to high to be sustainable I think. If you are doing something else to reduce risk like moving the stop to BE at a few pips it might be better. As its laid out in the book I cant see it working.
I am not saying that you cant make money scalping this way but I think something is missing from the description. It may just be that you are very good at judging momentum and are closing your trades at just the right time.

Hi FXMorgan,

Some time ago my eyes opened when i acknowledged support and resistance levels. I never tried to establish them on 1m chart, but i gave it a try today. Am i doing it correctly? Please take a look at the screenshot.

As well, below i am attaching my performance of last 2 hours using your method.

I d appreciate your help.

Well according to my 2cents opinion this system doesn’t involve a good risk factor, so a person may end up with a heavy loss.It’s kinda risky system man!

Some kind of risk management rule could be simply created by any trader, depending how comfortable he/she feels in scalping. My results show that my scalpiing sucks, or other way, MM and SL/TP need to be adjusted, but in 1M frame, it is just a theory in my opinion - you stay in as far as it lets you, full stop.
I tested a few scalping techniques, and 95% of them are based on indicators, which in my opinion do nothing, exception may be moving averages.

Have you got something more “reliable” behind your belt? Would you like to share?

Well i am not a good scalper but i am looking at the strategy with a swing’s trader eye.Of course if we will risk a bigger percentage of our capital and we ain’t willing to look the dark side(because the market may move in the opposite direction immediately sometimes)than bearing such a heavy loss would be a difficult task.

Thanks all for the review!!!

My target - 50 pips per day.

Maybe you’re right. My experience of trading is over 10 years. If you have visited my website you can see the results of scalping! I had a good profit, but also big risks. Scalping is always a big risk!

Scalping is always a big risk!

“The larger the time frame is the bigger amount of money we enter the market with, but I’ll explain this later.”

Use M15 and M30 time frame!!!