School of Pipsology Progress Tracking has returned with a new look!

We mark this week with some exciting news - the School of Pipsology Progress Tracking is back, with a fresh new look!

IMPORTANT UPDATE - July 18, 2017: School progress now updates automatically. No need to refresh the page or click Next Lesson to save. Your progress is saved as soon as you click YES!

#What’s included?

##Overall Progress Meter
A new feature not available with the old version of School progress tracking is a cool Overall Progress Meter, displaying your progress across all available lessons. Get back to learning or start with our first lesson. There are 309 lessons to get through!

##Courses Overview and Progress, with Status
The School of Pipsology is made up of 11 courses (i.e., Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary). Along with your overall School progress, you can see your progress below each Course icon and description from the Courses Overview page, as well as progress for all Lesson Sections within a Course. For example, Preschool is comprised of 5 sections. Combined, those 5 sections have a total of 25 lessons. Below, you can see that we’ve completed 3 sections in full, plus we’ve started at least 1 lesson in the How Do you Trade Forex section.

In summary, the School is made up of Courses. Courses are made up of Lesson sections. Lesson sections are made up of individual lessons.

Also, notice the Lesson Section status icons.

  • A check mark means the section has been completed in full.
  • A blue play symbol means the section hasn’t been started.
  • Any section that has been started but hasn’t been fully completed (all lessons marked complete) will show a progress pie chart in blue. The further along in the section you are, the bigger your blue pie chart progress will be.

##Course Outline and Lesson Progress, with Status
The Course Outline page gives you your overall progress within a single Course and within each lesson of that Course. Along with descriptions of the Lesson Sections, you also get descriptions of each lesson and an indication of whether you’ve completed a lesson. Completed lessons show a check mark. Lessons that you haven’t completed show a blue play symbol. Click on any lesson title to go to that lesson.

##Lesson Page
From each individual lesson page, if you look over at the right edge of the page, you’ll get easy access to your overall Course progress. Below that, you can quickly scan down the list of Lessons Sections and accompanying lessons to see what has been completed and what hasn’t. Remember, a check mark means the lesson was completed. A blue play symbol means you haven’t started a lesson. Click on any lesson title and you’ll be taken right to that lesson to get started or for a review of the material.

Once you’ve completed reading and understanding a lesson, from the bottom of the lesson page, click Yes in the blue Track Progress box to mark a lesson complete. Your progress will update automatically school-wide.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: School progress now updates automatically. No need to refresh the page or click Next Lesson to save. Your progress is saved as soon as you click YES!

There you have it. School of Pipsology Progress Tracking is back!

##Regarding your old Saved Progress
We did our best to bring over your saved progress from the old site. We made some major changes to the School of Pipsology, so not all saved progress could be used with the new School. If you’re missing saved progress, that information was mostly likely not usable. For those lessons, we recommend that you revisit and reread the lessons as a refresher. Once you’re done reading, mark those lessons complete and continue through your remaining lessons. Enjoy!