School of pipsology question


This is my first post on this website.
I have a question regarding the lesson: > School > High School > Currency Crosses > How Cross Currency Pairs Affect Dollar Pairs

It says that you will have a stronger move in USD/JPY because the JPY will weaken.
But I think the same can be said for EUR/USD right?
Its not clear to me why you would have a stronger move in USD/JPY.

Or is the reason that they state that a major resistance has been broken in USD/JPY?
So its just a case of people jumping in because of tech analysis. (Same could be true if a major resistance of EUR/USD has been broken (but then the other way around))

Thanks in advance,


It doesn’t always work out like that.
In the example given, the Fed hike pushed UsdJpy over a major resistance level, so price then raced upwards and had a knock on effect on other Jpy pairs. In EurUsd price was not at any S/L level so price moved more moderately

Thanks for clarifying.