School of Pipsology Time Length

Hey guys! I’m a new member of Babypip’s School of Pipsology! Just wondering, how long do you think getting through the school will take to complete? I was thinking a few months or so, any suggestions?!

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It takes as long as it takes to understand it. Some take longer others do it quicker. You should do it twice anyway so dont worry about how long it takes, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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@xannerin at the top of the page, if you click the education button right next to forums, you can find the school of pipsology which is what sonty is talking about.

@sonty, its all about the pace you want to set. I graduated from Kindergarten and Preschool a few days ago. It was a breeze for me but that’s because i had already spent money learning about trading. Now im in elementary and im taking more time. but i would like to be done within 3 to 6 months.

Rather than worrying about how long will it takes to complete the course, you should focus on understanding and learning everything that is necessary to learn else it will be very hard for you to gain the knowledge.
Enjoy as much as time you can get with that education.

I would suggest that you take your time in going through it once. It’s quite possible that there will be aspects of it that you will not understand in the first read, so go through those selected topics once more.

Really depends on your schedule. If you have a day job or maybe going to school, that means you can only devote a limited amount of time to reading/digesting what you’ve read. How much time do you have to go through it on a weekly basis? :slight_smile:

Hellooo. :smiley: I agree with the others here. :blush: I think it has a lot to do with how much time you could invest into reading and understanding the school each day. :slight_smile: It’s been a while since I last finished the school (I did it 3 times! :sweat_smile:) but I think it took me a month to finish it during my first reading. :slight_smile: I was taking care of my grandmother then and had a couple of part-time jobs. Do you have a deadline for yourself on this? :smiley: