Scrolling charts up and down on MT4

I’m sorry if this is a silly question but I don’t seem to figure it out.

I can’t scroll my charts up and dows, only sideways.

Could anybody tell me how can I do that?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

if you put your cursor in the price number area on the right hand side and hold down left click then scroll. It will compress the chart vertically but won’t scroll it up and down.

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Thanks TalonD, It’s just that I can’t see my fib extensions. Apparently it only squezees the chart to areas where price has already been.:eek:

couple other things you can try, is press the minus - button on your keyboard. That zooms out giving you allowing you to see more or change that chart to a higher time frame. One of the few things I like about the Oanda platform is you can scroll up and down.

right click on the chart, select proprties, select COMMON tab check the Scale fix.

Neat! I didn’t know that. You learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Learn one thing about every thing and learn every thing about one thing. :wink:
One day those thing will come in handy.

Good advice!

actually… I know everything… I just can’t remember it all… LOL

Lol!, for when you remember, post it, so whe can all learn it! :smiley:

Thanks Jado! Now I can switch to an mt4 broker :cool: