Searching for hourly historical data feed


With my (medium level) python programming skills I want to write a small program to give me a quick overview of stuff i might otherwise overlook before entering a trade and generate it with one click. namely:

  • long term trends
  • key longterm support and resistance
  • upcoming significant news events

To do this I am looking for feeds or easy to scrape websites with up to date historical information (hourly and daily). I am not looking for large datasets of historical data or ticks. I tried Yahoo and Trading view but I did not manage to scrape them properly. since I want to automate it I would prefer that it does not require a login unless that could also be automated easily. does anyone know where to find this?

you wont find that on free websides like yahoo or whatever.

subscribe to a broker pay in 50€ (if you got no 50€ find a job before going nuts on stocks) and get datasets from your broker.

you dont even need to spedn the 50€, open account, get what youre looking for, close account and get 50€ back


Go to a broker, get MT4. Open in MT4 a demo account. Go to history center. Google how to extract data set from mt4, and you are okidoki.

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Thanks for the tips. But I assume those solutions would both require (manually) getting the data first to a platform and then exporting it? Anyway I found some websites which look like they can be scraped to make a screener/adviser.

I found some historical tabular data which could be scraped at myfxbook. and long term pivot points etc at barchart dot com (cheatsheet). I can not post any links though.

If you know Python, why not just transfer over to MQL4? its easy and you can use data feeds from most brokers (Free)

There is a whatsap api for python which easily send alerts. Also in the end I would like to have an automated trader running on a raspberry pi. which also uses python. And I figured building it in Python would also give me skills I could use outside of trading. But the switch MQL4 does make sense since it has a wealth of information and options available.

Open a free FXCM demo account.
Change charts from candlestick to table.
Change timeframe to hour.
Export out to excel.

Good luck competing against million-dollar algo’s.


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Well, you can write it to a csv or a mysql and ftp it to another location… :slight_smile:

free, enjoy!

Why not subscribe to tick data suite…
Google for the provider.