Seeking Financial Freedom - Novice

Hello, I am Siyabonga in Pretoria, SA. I am a Forex trader or more appropriately I am Forex trader prospect. I have only been on Forex that is reading and trading demo for the last 4 months. At the moment I have found 2 strategies that I can say I am giving my attention too. I have narrowed this down after realizing the reading will never stop here unless I set targets for myself.

Hopefully in the next few months I will move from a Novice Trader to a Trader which I will base in the anticipated success in the market. In short the 2 strategies are like this: Strategy 1: Candlesticks and Bollinger Bands; Strategy 2: Traders Dynamic Index, 5ema and Heiken Ashi.

Basically I joined to Forex to gain financial freedom and prepare myself for a business that does not require much setting up costs. This is especially the cause of the uncertainties that come with being employed. You just never know when you going to get retrenched.

Thank you, I hope my stay here will be a success.

Sounds like a man on a mission. Good luck! :slight_smile: