Seeking financial freedom thru Forex

I just thought hes done the intro now move on. I’m just trying to help him stop wasting time with this general chat and get into the real trading conversations where itll make a real difference to his trading. Contrary to my message I do want you guys to be making consistent money too. The sooner you dive into trading chats the sooner you’ll get there. Sorry if I caused any offence.

I have no problem with that we are in the introduction area so we embrace every individual that joins. I just want everyone to have a positive experience without feeling like someone is calling them out that’s all I’m saying. The person will jump in whenever there ready. It’s always a marathon when it comes to the markets.

Diving in earlier will make you realise things that you would never have thought of. I dont know about it being a marathon. The strategy you use now will stop working and you will then have to adapt to market conditions. So make your money while it works. Eg turtle traders strategy.

RIckster99, i see that you are bothered with my introduction about myself. I didn’t know that I have to please everybody here in this forum. And what are you saying that I spammed your topic inbox? I thought this is the “Introduce yourself” section. You are the one who commented on my INTRO and I am merely replying to your post. My intro post is just a water cooler where everybody just chills. This is not a topic to discuss trading strategies, psychology and risk management when it comes to trading. There’s another topic for that. My apologies if my background is not align with your liking. I don’t feel the need to answer your questions because I don’t want to be at your level of understanding. You can go on and find somebody else to bash. I wish you good luck in your future endeavor.

thanks for being open-minded and rational. I only wish to be honest with everyone here.

Sorry to hear. It’s good that you’re having fun learning. When BTC was going down last year, I used that time to study. Right now I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned so far in trading fx and crypto. :blush:

That’s true. And after a year of studying and using my sim account, I am more confident in placing trades. So far I am doing good just using the Ichimoku and ATR. We only get better, hey.

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Welcome to Baby Pips. It’s good that you know how risky this market is, so I believe you’ll be very cautious as you tread. Furthermore, if you are wise enough as you seem, you should heed to the advice you get on this forum… like being cautious with free money

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Yep! Good luck to us. :blush:

@Rickster99. I was here a year ago and got disgusted with your comment on my introduction so I decided never to join in the forum again. Anyway, I just dropped by to say that I am now an official prop firm funded trader since February of this year. Thanks to your discouragement, I was able to make it this far. I hope you are too.

And this is exactly what I pointed out. I always thought you were more interested in promoting some firm and I was right. You had nothing more to say or add other than I’m being funded. Nothing about your returns, nothing about your trading style, nothing about why it took a year to get funded, nothing constructive at all. Like I said completely see through. Maybe you’ll come back when you have an affiliate link or make a referral fee. Please be transparent next time, you’ll be better received.