Serious MetaTrader Problems

I have no idea what is wrong with my MetaTrader platform but since this weekend I have pretty much lost everything. Sunday evening I loaded up my MetaTrader to see how th emarkets were starting up the week and I got a “NO CONNECTION” in the bottom right. I figured maybe a lot of people were logging in and there was a connection issue.

Monday morning, same issue. I tried logging in with my account numbers which I actually wrote down for just an occasion, and nothing worked. I finally just opened a new demo account (it really annoys me that I lost all my other accounts), and everything was fine. I checked it last night, and still everything was fine, despite my new demo account being in the negative.

This morning, my computer was lagging, and I am not sure why. I have not downloaded anything other than MT4 on this computer is a long time. I rebooted and when I loaded my MT4, I have absolutely nothing! I have the MT4 frame, but nothing is even listed under market watch. I have nothing in my charts windows, and I still have a no connection in the bottom right. It lists two accounts which I’ve never seen before under my name, and instead of giving the servers, it’s just a bunch of ascii gibberish. I’ve tried opening a new account, and it won’t even let me do that anymore.

I have Spysweeper and Norton Anti-Virus up-to-date on my computer … and this is really annoying. I’ve gotten so excited about trading live on the forex, but now with all these problems, I guess I will just drop it!

if i would be you i deffinetly change the Norton anti-virus cos thats actually the worst protection software and i had lots of problem with it.i tryed Panda anti-virus but same problem now i have McAfee anti-virus, anti-spyware software and no problems no viruses.

get in touch with me via e-mail and i send you one antispyware software that could help you out but anyway you have to change the Norton

Stevemcg, for now, the WORST thing you can do, as you stated, “JUST DROP IT”!

Those of us who have been trading for a time have all encountered the same things; just when you’re about to make some serious headway, your computer messes up, your IP service goes on the brink, the list just goes on and on!!

Now, in the mist of havoc is NOT the time to pull the plug and get out. If anything, use it to INCREASE your resolve to be a successful trader. The “problems” you encounter will never cease. However, you MUST ask yourself, WILL YOU???

Press on, there WILL be better days ahead…

i agree don�t ever drop it you have to go on.fix your computer or even reinstall the windows as i did couple of times and it�ll be like brand new but be carefull what you install on it.get into me and i try to help you to fix it.

I’ve got things working now … had to completely uninstall and reinstall meta trader.