Should I Go With US Based Brokers Or One Of The Offshore Trusted Brokers Recommended By BabyPips?

Not all the offshore brokers are good and reliable. A proper research and study is required to find any reliable offshore broker.

I prefer trading mostly with regulated brokers. Regulation make them more reliable and trusted.

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If your are seeking for restriction free trading, offshore brokers are the best choice. This should be only done if you know what you are doing.

That’s exactly what the thread listed above gives people who don’t want the restrictions placed on them by regulated brokers though. The thread is 12 years old so has some excellent case studies of long used offshore unregulated brokers.

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I’m also from the US so I faced similar issues with finding a broker as far as not be accepted by a number of options I was looking at. In the end, I went offshore and it’s the best decision I ever made. I know that there are reasons why people are hesitant, but I don’t think regulated brokers are as safe as they’re made out to be and we’ve all heard horror stories about them. At the end of the day, I think user reviews from real people is more telling than anything else.

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I use offshore. Over here in Australia we can only get 1:30 leverage onshore, so I made the switch a coupe of years ago. I way prefer depositing Bitcoin as the goal is to build the btc balance for the next bull run.

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I`m with an offshore for more than 3 years already and nobody can beat them for now.

I agree with you, there are many reliable offshore brokers available today, and when there are reviews from real people available online, I don’t think there is any room left for doubt. I’ve used a couple of good offshore brokers - turnkey forex and cryptorocket, and never faced any issues. You’re right, the mindset needs to change now.

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True, that’s very common and frustrating. Glad that you made the switch. If someone else is looking for a high-leverage broker, then this might help - List Of Best High Leverage Brokers. Always better to have options.

I’ve been using a offshore broker for a while now and never had any problems always been reliable

Glad to see that someone agrees! I get why people automatically assume regulation = safety but it just isn’t the case.

Other than using an ecn broker do you have any other particular feature you’re looking at? For instance if you’d need a high leverage broker then US based ones might not be an option, could rather then go for brokers mentioned here List Of Best High Leverage Brokers I’m using turnkeyforex from this list, it’s a good one with tight spreads.

yeah i use EagleFX from that list and have done for a few years now. not just there leverage but also there crypto platform makes it good for the way i trade

No offense, but U.S.-regulated brokers have stolen more money and gotten busted for doing some of the shadiest stuff to the point where one of them got kicked out of the U.S.A.

Biggest difference between the two you experience? Anything noticeable?

@dudebro Commission is included in the spreads in fxpro whereas fxview has a fixed commission of a dollar per side. Overall m happy with the trading conditions of both.

I’ve used a couple from that list in the past and they were pretty good. Currently using CedarFX though for the environmental advantages. Maybe they could be reviewed and added by someone?

bro what are you talking about? What are the spreads like on CedarFX? How about commission. How about support?

The environment is not the main factor when it comes to selecting a brokerage. If I want to help the environment i’ll donate 10 grand to some organization that specializes in precisely that after making that 10 grand from forex trading with a brokerage that marks all the boxes mentioned above.

Please bro stop stressing me out with your comments. Just stop bro.

If you get stressed out by a simple comment like that, then maybe that’s something you may want to consider professional help for.
I was simply singling out a point of difference from other options. They are actually a fantastic all rounder and also have a 0% commission account available too. You could have just looked at the website instead of asking silly questions.

Hehe I’m just messing with you bro I’m just exaggerating hehe