Should i long EUR/USD at 1.4600? pt 1.5000?

i have heard many sources that the pair will reach 1.5000 in few days. what do you guys think of EUR/USD potential?

let’s share some ideas.

thanks all

If you believe from your ANALYSIS (not rumour) that we are heading further up then you need to use trend following approaches to take advantage of that. You would be looking to choose your timeframe and buy at dips in the uptrend such as we have at the moment. As always you need a strategy for this. If you were a longer term investor rather than a trader you might well buy some Euros an hold them for the longer term but as with shares your leverage should be extremely low as your downside would be essentially unlimited. Dont forget that anything can happen in the market and if everyone is saying we are going up then its probably time to get short. In the immediate term Trichets speech tonight is of significant importance

Look at your W1 and D1 charts to see if it will accelerate up in a few days. Don’t forget to look at the Stochastic and CCI. IMO, not likely.

I think Tonymand said it right. Your strategy needs to define what you do.

To swap ideas for purposes of discussion is fine but in the end whether you take a position or not MUST be determined by your own analsyis and tested strategy. Everyone here could be screaming one recommendation but if your system suggests otherwise then you need to follow you own analysis.

If you do not have one (strategy/system)then all this discussion is pointless as your own decision should be simple: Don’t trade!

ok, i understand. im still learning sometime i dont know where and how to start trading.

Well why not take one of the proven systems on the forum which would suit a trending market and get involved in that. Dont use real money until you understand and have fully tested any system you choose and that usually takes some time

which system do you recommand for me that worked for you?