Should this be happening?


Wonder if anyone can help me - I am confused.

Whenever I open a trade in Metatrader4 it opens the trade at a worse price than the chart shows - is that correct?

As below - ask line is red, bid is black

It should always open Buys at the ask price and sells at the bid price and will use the other line for your close.

It should always be around (maybe not exact) the price you are asking/bidding. Also slippage is another problem most people face.

OK thanks - do I take it that I have an error somewhere then? It seems to open the trades quite far away from the bid/ask lines?

An explanation is :

You either have your slippage set really high so try reducing it (5 points or less) and your internet speed might be too slow meaning the price has changed a lot before you bought/sold.

OK - I have about 70Mbps speed.

How do I adjust the slippage?