Is it just me that can’t get them to display?

Or am I just having one of those technologically challenged days?

They’ve been disabled…in the past they were abused by some using them for displaying links …wrecked it for everyone :frowning:

You know: NEVER have I been nasty to you. NEVER!!! And LOOK what you go and say about me!!! LOL!!!

Yeh: I miss them too. Now I’ve got to use ALL MANNER of ways to ‘sneak in’ my ‘solicitation’ links!!! So yes: those OTHER people that were ABUSING them for displaying links …wrecked it for me TOO!!! LOL!!!

But you know what I don’t understand (and this has nothing to do with BabyPips). Over at ‘that other disgusting horrible [B]F[/B]orex [B]F[/B]orum’ site: EVERYONE is allowed to post links in their signatures. NO problem. What happens??? I place a link to my forums in my signature over there and I get a VERY kind post from the Admins telling me that ‘people are complaining’. I mean: can you beat that!!! I mean: every ‘bucketshop broker representative’ over there is allowed to have a link DIRECTLY to the broker’s website in their signature and I cannot even have one lil 'ol link to my poor little forums!!! LOL!!!



lol, weird … the option to change signature is still available in the CP, and when composing a post, there is a checkbox ‘Display Signature’.

You know i never really noticed, but I would like a sig. maybe just allow text and images but no links?

i don’t see this option in user cp, where is it exactly?

bimfx, you don’t have enough posts yet to see this option on your CP.
But since signatures have been disabled anyway, don’t bother, hehe.


You can post sigs. You just have to do it every time…

Mickey Mouse

lol, yah … which doesn’t make it much of a signature, in the ‘forum sense’ of the word.
Pity that people had to abuse it, so that BP disabled it.


Cool Idea Master Tang! Maybe I should start doing that :smiley:

Paypal Sux

Meh… Just consider it an “evolving” sig. :smiley:


Charles Darwin

How many posts are required to enabled this option?

Hey @Dextor_Mason,

Welcome to BP. We don’t allow signatures. As an old post above mentions, it was abused in the past, so we took them away. Our platform does allow you to share personal information on your user card, which appears you’ve already done.

Please let me or any other moderators know if you have any other questions.