Simple Price Action Strategy by MartialChartsFX

Simple Price Action Strategy Tutorial by MartialChartsFX [Part 1 of 7]

I’m going to share my Simple Price Action Strategy. I use this strategy daily by itself and overlaid on top supply and demand and SMC for additional confluence. If you’re a fan of price action trading or want an easy way to trade without indicators, this thread may be for you.


I originally created this strategy to give my family members a way to analyze and trade with a specific set of rules and conditions and most importantly, would be easy for them to learn. I ended up finding an alternative use for the Fibonacci Retracement tool. I collected data, refined, and constructed a set of rules based on data to arrive at this Simple Price Action Strategy.


This method is super simple and repeatable. It’s based on Market Structure and Order Flow which are framed within Fibonacci Retracements. You only need to follow the simple rules and those baked in concepts will take care of themselves. This is good for those that are weak in Market Structure or find Supply & Demand or Smart Money Concepts too difficult. This tutorial is the lite version for beginners and will focus only on trend trading.

This strategy can be used on any timeframe where price retraces, which is every time frame because price is fractal :exploding_head:. Lower timeframes will present more opportunities, but with a lower probability of success. Higher timeframes will have fewer opportunities, but will have a higher probability of success due to greater stability of price action.

This tutorial is a template to get you started. If you have some existing knowledge of price action, you can leverage your knowledge and refine this strategy to make it your own (highly recommended).


Thanks for posting this strategy, I think it is extremely underrated here. It’s a great trend-trading strategy with clear, simple rules. Just takes a bit of practice.

Was watching this one but missed it because I couldn’t pull the trigger:

And here’s EURAUD possibly setting up for the more risky CHoCH, although that downtrend is quite strong, so wait to see if if forms another area of value:

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Commodities can be quite volatile, which is why I decided not to pull the trigger on that trade.

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You could apply this to certain stocks too.

On ENB we have a double-whammy. Possible 4H long setup:

And 1H short setup, which looks very tradable right now:

What I would do here is zoom out to a higher TF and go with the longer-term trend:

The short looks like the more obvious trade to me. And look, there’s even a double top forming (resistance).