Slippage what is it?

i have spent a lot of time this morning researching forex brokers and different ratings of these brokers so far i have seen some horrid reviews that would make your head spin. i also see the word “slippage” and some other words i dont think one should repeat. does anyone out there recommend an honest, no not honest because i cant even find that and im trying to, but a fair and easy to deal with broker that will not steel your money type. but at the same time wont manipulate any of your entries or exits. is this just one big scam this forex maket for the otc so to speak or is this a legitamate opportunity were one can make an honest living. i am now beginning to wonder, after all there are only so many sites one can go to on the internet. someone please be honest thankyou. i also learned the word bucket shop and i definitely dont want to be any part of that. joanne.

Many people here, including myself use Oanda because of the flexibility of trading any position size :). They only have 50:1 leverage which I think is more than enough for someone starting out. the margin requirement is only 2% for 50:1 leverage which is nice too. Their charts aren’t the greatest but I never use them anyway because I have my system setup in MetaTrader 4 then I just switch to Oanda to place my orders. I never encounter slippage except on high volitile times like around news events. In times like those you can setup what they call “bounds” to place your order anyway. Try out there DEMO if you haven’t already and I never heard anything about them not being honest as of yet.


Thankyou Mr Topgun. you made my day, i hope you have a great one yourself. joanne. See honesty is the best policy.:slight_smile: