Small Draw Down System

There is a general pattern in the market, in all markets. Every
monthly candle, weekly, daily, 8 hour, 6 hr, 4 hr, 1 hr, or even in 15
minutes, market follows this pattern.

After a candle is finished (up candle is finished for example
purposes), the next candle will likely do two things:

  1. open high ( without pull back ), then go low
  2. open low ( with pull back ), then go high

Keep this pattern in mind, of course, safest way to trade is buy on a
pull back if next candle is also up, because without pulling back, it
is not a healthy market pattern. It can open high, there is greater
chance it will go lower, because that�s general market pattern.

How to trade:

I set up my positions at week end. I am more of a short term to long
term position traders. I only trade once or twice per week but weekend
analysis is important because my system is based on how weekly candle
looks. It�s pretty huge.

  1. So when a week is finished, you have to look at weekly candle. If
    previous weekly candle finished green (up), automatically I will
    assume next week�s direction is up only. I will only trade in the
    direction of the previous weekly candle color. UNLESS I ran into
    major tops and bottoms, I might go against the weekly color but I have
    to use half of what I normally use, which will be 2% of account value
    instead of 4%.
  1. Look at previous week�s candle color to determine next week�s direction
  2. Look at candle strength to determine entry level or whether to enter or not.
  1. Look at monthly candle to make sure you next week, you will not run
    into any major resistence or support. Market is very sensitive, most
    definitely it will react at major areas. So you do have to remember
    major monthly resistence and supports
  2. To buy, if previous weekly candle is up or green color, you will
    only buy up. However you need to buy following market pattern #2
    above, which is on market pull back. Usually market pull back will
    occur earlier in the week Sunday or Mondays, So previous week, it was
    going up strong but Sunday night or Monday, market could be falling,
    this is where you find your entry, not get out or short!!
  1. stop loss is 100 pips of your pull back entry, if previous weekly
    candle looks strong, then you use 4% to trade. If not use 2% to trade.
  1. If after you get in, market started going up, you need to adjust
    your stops upward. Usually keep it 100 pips or so if you want longer
    term gain or less depends on your comfort level.
  2. Need to find all support and resistence
  1. for monthly, weekly and daily candle
  2. must use 5, 15, and 30 sma for all time frames, each time market
    reaches these areas, it is support or resistence especially longer
    time frames.
  3. Find major tops and bottoms, those are possible entries or reversals
  4. Calculate range or maxim capacity of a candle. This is huge! How
    to calculate � look at weekly candle, calculate previous week�s lowest
    level to highest level to find out next week�s approximate capacity.
    More accurate if you calculate previous 3 weeks. Also, if you want to
    do short term trading or get out early, you need to be good at
    calculating capacity, because when it reaches maxim capacity, you need
    to get out, market will not continue go up forever, it�s about
    probability and averages, about math. And also, monthly capacity need
    to be watched too, if first day of into next month, market already
    reached it�s average monthly capacity, what�s it going to do for next
    three weeks???!! It�s going to consolidate or pull the other
    direction. This is huge, you need to be good at this!!
  5. Need to draw lines, detect trends as well.


This system is only good in trading the short term direction of
previous weekly candle. No matter what, unless you run into major
resistence or support:cool:, you do not fight the trend. You must get in on
a pull back if previous week�s candle is up or vise versa. And even
if market looks weak, you still do not trade against the weekly
candle�s color = the short term trend! ONLY ONE DIRECTION REMEMBER!!

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