Sniping and Hedging

Which is better in making good profits Snipping or Hedging?

I am trading since 2010 ATC, and i am profitable since 2016. I have not made huge profits but now consistently in profit for few years.

using both … both are good techniques you cannot rely on single.


Looking for targets near 1918


gbp scalp in progress.

wow stoploss missed for few points.

I am happy. :grinning:

This month brings me 13.37% equity boost …


ticky nfps hits us hard.

Just realized sl was hit with few pips …


Lost gbp entry.

Month ends july 21.

Interesting, monitoring…

you are welcome.

EurUsd hanging on multi day support.

Booked a loss on gbp showing no sign of support.

I’m a scalper looking for another method to trade other than scalping and wanted to know if sniping or Hedging is similar to scalping or different and which has more chances of making profits?

Sniping is waiting for exact moment to catch some pips.
Hedging is to take opposite position when we are wrong.

To hedge or to take SL depends on the market condition. I do not always hedge some time i do depends on condition.
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month ends aug 21 we earned a modest gain.



Beautiful hunting design price comes down takes sl and then goes back.