So this is where the cool kids are at

California born and raised, and cant wait to leave. But for now, its what I call home. I joined up here trying to start investing my money into more worth-while ventures.

Welcome. Great place to learn a thing or two. Lots of helpful people and a really good course. Check it out under the Education section.

But why the hurry to leave the Golden State? You getting smoked out with all of those crazy fires? Hopefully not.

Great guess actually, after being evacuate, yes thats partially the reason. Other than that, its just too expensive!

Truly. Have a friend who just moved outa there too. You moving to the east coast? or midwest?

Doesn’t surprise me haha, a lot of people are moving to Nevada to get out. Ill probably end up on the east coast eventually, but for now im probably gonna be here for a few years unless a job opportunity opens up elsewhere. Anyone hiring?

Looks like that’s the place to be! Home prices there must be surging like crazy.

I’m sure there’s a lot of remote job opportunities now! Does your type of job allow you to work anywhere? :open_mouth: