Some conclusions based on our polls

According to the series of polls, to date we can draw the following conclusions of the survey participants and how they trade…

Overwhelmingly, most of the poll participants want to either trade for a living (53%) or trade for wealth (35%). The remaining 12% either want to have supplementary income, compound their retirement accounts, or trade for others. This statistic is the most accurate, having received some 37 responses.

Almost half trade on a discretionary basis using either only technical information (25%) or adding fundamentals into the picture as well (23%). The next largest percentage (nearly 40%) trades with technically based systems, using some discretionary intervention. Most of the remainder are pure system based technical traders with no overrides, half executing manually, half automatically via programming.

About 50% of the traders who responded don’t hold positions over a day or two, a significant percent of those hold within a few minutes to hours max. Of those who mix time frames, most tend to lean to shorter term time frames.

A little over a third of the respondents risk 2% on each trade or less. A little over a third are willing to risk from 3% and up, not including those who use a scalable model such as optimal F, Kelly Criterion, or Martingale.

Over 2/3rds of respondents expected themselves to perform better than 50% per year. One third of respondents consider a performance above 200% a year to be adequate for their level of experience. One quarter was fine with performance from 10-20%.

Although our statistical information is not properly correlated, and some of our polls got less than 20 responses, if we were to extrapolate we can conclude that the average trader here is:

1)Aiming to trade full time for a living.
2)Prefers short term technically based strategies, either system or discretionary.
3)Is willing to risk over 2% per trade.
4)Expects a minimum performance of over 50% annually.

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Interesting information compiled in an easy to read format. I love it.