Some newbie question

If i have finished baby pips school and i want to learn more should i buy forex books like day trading and swing trading , Market Wizards and Trading in the zone.

I make a stupid mistake in demo haha i saw USD/JPY got oversold and i clicked sell(Dk what was i thinking) and i lost $180. Oh well learning process :cool:

yes, your learning has only just begun

Also, there are other ways for learning like ebook,youtube,websites and forums.

Well it depends on the book. Honestly I don’t any paid books that could significantly promote your trading skills, just public information under the sauce of author’s interpretation.
You can look for free books like Chris Capre’s price action, technical analysis bible from Murphy or COT trading books (forgot the author). Also look for sharpe&bailey investment calculation book (pro level), check webinars from fx street and hotforex webinars.

Ask me any questions about trading if you have.

I suggest you finish the school, you’re only halfway thru

start on learning all important details about forex trading. It will help you create of effective and profitable plans.

And lots of hours spent in front of charts.

More practice will giving more experience and get new lesson, might demo account is free place to forward test skill before start in real account, spent time in learning before spent money to investing because forex is risky business

Those traders who are doing more trading practice will also be able to earn a good income from their trading. They have to learn how much profits they can easily get.

I’m very sorry to see that you’re having yet another of your “getting as many trite, meaningless, one-line posts on the board as quickly as possible” sessions today. :rolleyes:

There is always more to be learned. However, you should open small live account and develop a trading strategy. Trade, make mistakes and learn from your mistakes. That is how you can get a real experience. Nothing is more valuable than that.