Spread question?

A question about spread, when I go long or short and current spread is 2 pips is it fixed or is it constantly changing, for example, growing to 10 pips or so and applying to my current position where it could unexpectedly hit my stop loss?

I can’t think of a single tradeable instrument where the spread is ever static. A market order exposes you to slippage. A limit order could be more safe, but depends on liquidity conditions.

What causes huge spread is it news?

Before, few brokers offered fixed spread. I’m not sure if they still do today.

Common brokers setup is fluctuating spread depending on the volatility of price. So if there are special events or news (e.g. NFP) spread is shooting up for a few seconds or minute.

Also, during end of day when market is closed, spread is a lot bigger by 3x up to 10x, depending on the broker. This can possibly hit tight stop-losses.

On forexfactory calendar, every news event has an impact level and I’m interested to know does medium and low impact news has a big effect on a spread or not?

If you want to know the maximum possible spread of the pair that you are trading, you can use a free tool that you can download here… https://www.mql5.com/en/code/27942/230427

Spreads can be fixed or variable depending on the type of spread your broker is offering. If the spreads are variable they can move constantly and sometimes widen during volatility or on any news.

Spreads fluctuate constantly due to changes in the market but if your brokers offers you fixed spreads then the spreads won’t fluctuate even if any major event has taken place

Due to volatility in the market spreads keep on fluctuating so set stop loss in order to reduce the risk for any trade