Spx 500 twitter sentiment analysis

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Hi - I am fascinated, but have not got a clue about what this is and how it works. I was born in a pre-technology age. Can you give us a short precis explaining what twitter sentiment analysis is and how it may be useful to forum members? And as a new member be careful not to just try to sell something. This forum is fiercely protective of its members, and don’t want them being lead down the garden path. I look forward to an explanation of twitter sentiment and how that can contribute to more successful Forex or trading results. Thank you in advance.

Hi Mr Mondeoman thank you for question!

Sentiment analysis is the automated process of analyzing text data and sorting it into sentiments positive, negative, or neutral. Market sentiment refers to the overall attitude of investors toward a particular security or financial market . … In broad terms, rising prices indicate bullish market sentiment , while falling prices indicate bearish market sentiment .

Pls ask me more questions thx!