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Fully agree Emi, reason I’ve asked is because I personally would like to do it for a living, so to quit my normal job eventually by creating enough income from trading/investing alone. Evaluating the right path to do so, I figured the net income I would need (without growing the account) is only achievable with a relatively big capital for me personally (150-200K), this is based on conservative monthly ROI of speculative trading.

To get to this amount will take some if not many years, therefor considering and thinking about prop firms to shorten the timeframe, any experience with those?

Take care.

Br, Peter

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I have the perfect solution, find something else to do. Literally, find something else to do, back-test, workout, go out anything else.

Forget all that confidence talk about trading system blah blah. Here’s what you do, set an alert for your stop loss and take profit.

Then set an alert for any halfway point or areas of interests like structures that gets you thinking, okay price is on it’s way.

That’s it.

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Agree with what the others have said here, move to 1D and life will be much easier. :relaxed:

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That’s a different situation, and no, I don’t trade for a living, but I’ve seen and been with many people who do.

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Agree, meditation can be used for everything and anywhere because nowadays all of us need to control our feelings and stay calm.

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Thanks, setting alerts for important points at the chart may be a good solution. As said the problem really is that I’m at the desk during my full time job, so I cannot just do something else. It would be more easy that way.

To potentially increase capital faster in trading, focus on developing your skills, knowledge, and experience.Spend on trading itself 10-25% of the time only. Implement effective risk management strategies to protect your capital, and remain disciplined and consistent in your trading approach. However, it’s important to understand that trading involves risks, and there are no guarantees of fast or guaranteed profits.

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