Start of my Forex Journey

Hi, greetings everyone :see_no_evil::wave:t4::wave:t4:

I’m a absolute Newbie to Forex, trading in general, I hope to achieve all knowledge required to start a successful trading career,

I started reading some books on trading, to get a feel on what mindset I need to enter the Forex scene, one book I recommend to anyone new to trading is, Trading in the Zone!! :ok_hand:t4:

I’m also gonna learn as much about Forex from BabyPIPs! I hope we all have a super amazing journey ahead! Esskeetit :mechanical_arm:

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Welcome to BabyPips @RioDaSilva! Great book choice! If you need more book recommendations, here’s a good list by Pipcrawler:

Good luck in your trading journey! See you around!

Hey guys. I hope you are having a good time trading. Need help with something. I have always traded forex for short-term. Has anyone of you invested in forex for a long-term?

That’s a nice book that you have picked. I also learnt a lot from this book and have recommended it to others as well.