Starting my part-time live trading career with 6,000 USD

Maybe, but I wouldn’t get in the long boat yet. If you want to go long, you need to wait for some good news that the peak is over and business as usual. Or a vaccine, but that’s not realistically any time soon.

Open charts on the monthly and see what they’ve done before AUDJPY for instance. In 2008 that dropped from 101.5 to about 55 in 3 months. We’ve only seen 76 to 65 so far. There’s definitely more room for things to go down. Lots of economies were already heading towards a recession, this is going to kick every economy into recession and Japan is the safe haven.


It’s obvious. IMHO.

Month 1 update: Ended with a balance of 6,055.79 USD plus a floating P/L of 33.62 USD. I was really shy at first and lost a lot of opportunities with gold and oil. Right now I have to control my emotions and I am working on it. Had a success rate of nearly 50%, and the good news is that money management saved me this time.

Also, I opened another account with another broker so I can trade palladium in the near future. That account is funded with 600 EUR. With this broker I also opened an account to get some ETFs. I funded it with 1,000 USD.

Overall: I didn’t do great, but I didn’t do bad either!