Starting with a €21,86 account

Check the DXY vs EU on the daily you will see divergence. EU has broken lows where the DXY hasn’t broken the opposite high. This would suggest EUR being weaker than USD

Indeed! Let us see.

Closed GBPJPY in small profit as it is messing around too much. Might wait for the USD news will we have today.

Update: Account status: -€0,47

In the end I could have held onto some trades for profit, but I do not like to be stuck in consolidation.

Would love to see how this plays out after a while. :blush: Good luuuck! :smiley:

Thank you!

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NZDJPY sell from resistance to support.

GBPJPY sell from resistance to support.


  1. NZDJPY put on BE
  2. GBPJPY put on BE

Update: GBPJPY hit BE.

Update: NZDJPY hit BE.


  1. Account has been blown.
  2. Start with a new 30,01 EUR account.

I appreciate the openness and honesty of this thread.

For context, most new traders start by making two assumptions on trading before they have even got started -

  1. to make big money they need to trade off price reversals
  2. without a large account they’re going to have to trade across short time-frames intra-day
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What went wrong this time?

Over leveraged. Tried to grow it too fast, which worked out bad. So fresh start without over leveraging this time. Will see it as a normal trading account.

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EURUSD - sell
Yesterday ECB caused price to rise. Today’s London it needs to retrace.

EURUSD sell hit BE.


  1. EURUSD buy hit SL
  2. GBPUSD buy hit SL

that’s a lot of money man…

I was there before, so what’s going?

USDCHF buy - Put on BE already