Starting with a Demo Account

I finished all the course in school of pipsiology.
I want to open a demo account but don’t know which broker I should go for, which ever broker I open with, will also open a live account with it.
I’m from Nigeria.
Your advises count.[/B]

You can open a Demo account with any broker but i will advise you to go for an ECN Demo account to test the real market conditions :slight_smile:

You should just do your online research and find out which broker will meet your needs and go with it.

I think all brokers will bring the best trading condition when you open a demo account. It’s not important which broker you choose, the thing is the way you trade!

Which broker doesn’t have demo account? Please tell me honestly.

Hello! I would advise you to open demo accounts with several brokers available in Nigeria just to test trading conditions on them.

Newcomers must start on demo account for them to practice and gain experience on trading and improve more for them to have good results whenever they are going in live.

If it’s only demo, you can trade with any broker but don’t go live. Double-check a broker before going to live.

So many broker that provided demo account, but maybe will attract if you choose broker that giving bonus no deposit, and larn in demo account seriously how to start with trading and earn sysem trading, if you can work well in demo with small capital it will help much in real account, some broker offer bonus no deposit like as forexmart

hello. I’m planning to open a demo accounts too. but i think I’ll open in many brokers to check the execution

I think there’re many brokers out there offer free demo accounts,
I’ll randomly pick one to trade demo