Still in education

Hi everyone, I’ve spent the past few months of lockdown learning via babypips about FX trading. I currently have a pub and work my socks of to make a decent living. We recently had our first child but my time with him is limited. I’ve turned to forex trading to hopfully, one day, get away from the pub and free up some time to spend with the kid. However im in no rush just yet. Just trying to learn as much as possible and get plenty of practice in first.


Sounds good. Keep it up. Best of luck!


I wish you good luck!

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Aww. :blush: A new motivation to work hard in life! :blush: I really hope you accomplish the goal. I’m sure your child would also love spending more time with you. :blush: Good luuuck!

Welcome to the community! Yes, take it one step at a time. Good luck and congratulations on your new baby!

Welcome. Take your time to take it all in and practice as much as you can. Even if that isn’t placing demo trades but spotting patterns.

Hello @superted! Welcome to the BabyPips community. Hope you achieve your goal. It may take some time for us to achieve our goals but hopefully we will all get there.

It’s a shame your hands are tied and you have to work hard. But it’s great that you’re trying to find a way out of all this (and a legal way). I’m just messing around :slight_smile: I hope you succeed and start making a profit from your trading. I advise you to spend a lot of time looking for a good, reliable broker, this is a very important part. Also, some brokers offer free education materials, maybe it’ll be useful for you too.

Cheers for kind replies and words of advice everyone. Exciting times ahead hopefully :ok_hand:

Hi, Welcome!
Never rush in the learning phase. This will make your base stronger in trading.

All the best.

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