Stock Options vs. Forex

Hi All!

I am interested in everyone’s opinion of Stock Options vs. Forex.

I have a close friend that makes good money in the stock options market, and thinks the Forex is to to risky.:mad: Being fairly new to both markets, I don’t feel I am in a place to argue with him.

What does everyone else think on the subject?



Silly, silly, silly. :rolleyes:

You are on a forex forum, (bet that was not a surprise) so I’m sure that most here will say “Go Forex”. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, I think you should learn and paper/demo trade both markets. Just pick the one that best fits who you are. :wink:

With all that being said, I did look into stock options and still chose the forex market.

Good luck on your decision, and may the profits be with you.(Luke)