Stock Tips

Check this site and find out some of the stock tips from this blog.

Well, since nobody has replied to this thread, might as well share this tip from that site:
[I]In terms of long term stock market trading, I would go for investing in 5 or 6 very cheap stocks, [obviously choose the ones you think most likely have the potential to evolve from a small business into a large corporation]. Think about it, if one stock evolves, you will make a massive percentage gain. Once again I would recommend IFLB, although I am highly sure of many other [/I][I]better cheap stocks that wil evolve. Warren Buffet made his millions…billions of dollars fron an initial $2000 investment that ballooned over 100 fold. Much over that mark. With this said, make sure you diversify. Keep large and small stocks alike, but all of them should be justifiable.[/I]

Okay, were you able to get it? for long term stock investment, choose 5 or 6 cheap stocks, it will be worth it…