Stop loss calculations

Hi! I’m a forex beginner with a question. Any input would be helpful.

Lets say I’m trading with 100k in my trading account.
I only want to place a buy order using 50% of my equity which would be 50k. I’m using 1:400 leverage on a fixed trading account.
I want to know how to calculate how many pips I would need to go down if making a buy/sell order until to get margin called. I want to know how to calculate the value per pip so I can set my stop loss so I will only loose 50k not my full account of 100k.

In short I want to know how to calculate my stop loss so I won’t loose more than 50k of my 100k In my account.


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Before you learn how to do something, its good to know that you’re learning to do the right something.

Risking the loss of 50% of your account on a single trade is shocking. My suggestion is start small, start in demo, risk small.

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You’re gambling, and most likely you’ll blow your account after two losses, so it doesn’t really matter what you do.


and get lucky, I guess

I didn’t ask for your opinion are you able to answer the question?

I’m learning and would like to know the answer of this hypothetical scenario.

Yes, but I don’t wish to help you wipe out, so you’re on your own sonny.

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You should take their opinion if you want to keep your money and make more of it.

It’s a good thing you ask that first because 50% order shouldn’t be done. Always start small then learn from that small trades.