Stops are being teken out 1.3 pips below what i set them at

I am using MT4 on an alpari demo account and my stops were taken out short on two consecutive trades.

for example one stop was set at 1.30241, it was taken out at 1.30228.

now I know the 5th decimal is a fraction of a pip, am I correct? if so, then that was 1.3 pips short.

on my other trade the s/l was set at 1.30264 and taken out at 1.30251… again 1.3 pips short.

is this a broker error? anyone else experiencing this problem?

its probably spread.

On MT4, press F8 and click the “Common” tab. Now tick the box that says “Show Ask Line”.

Price is quoted as Bid/Ask with the difference being the spread. The Bid price is what you see on the chart as “the current price” and is where short orders are executed and where stoplosses on Long trades are executed. The Ask price is where Long trades are executed and stop losses for short trades kick in.

As you can see, the Ask price is above the price you commonly think of as “the price” (easier to see on 5m or 1m charts), so gets to your stoploss slightly before the Bid price does. If you’re unaware of the Ask price it looks like you got pipped out too early.

To overcome this, when placing a short trade always add the spread to your stoploss.

Anyway, Alpari executed your stop correctly - the Ask was 1.2 pips higher than the Bid.

Hope that helps

On top of what has already been said… Let me just tell you that your stop will get slipped on a live with reduced liquidity - Especially during news announcements!

News events are nice when your on the right side, but your in for a bumpy ride if your on the wrong end!!

Just my thoughts.


I agree with MH as it looks like the spread given it is only 1.3 pips and consistent.