Strategy Managers

Does Strategy managers exitst? Because I see in some brokers they have strategy managers that you will see their trading record what they have been earning and loses and if you want you can choose a strategy manager and invest under him but you will pay a commision of 30% to 32% monthly if he made profit and if he doesn’t you will not may that commision. Like in Forextime and I check syprup security trusted domain they are there. Are they good or bad?

A pro trader friend of mine manages my largest live account because he’s been trading profitably for decades using his own EAs. I’m not at his level. Now his firm has grown from family and friends into a major hedge fund that is the 18th largest in IC Markets. A modest genuine guy.

His low risk strategy is great and this year he’s on course for a 30% APR profit. Yes, he also charges 30% monthly if the ongoing HWM profit increases, and nothing if it doesn’t.

BTW, this is not a marketing advert - just a response to your question.

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Ok Thanks. That’s what I want to know

Dang. Your friend must be rolling in $$$ now.

So am I…

I don’t know scammers exist in Babypips

i know in PAMM MAM system
but not in house from brokers,
i dont trust broker insider

not sure if they exist but does anyone know of a strategy system where i can back test an EA with multiple pairs over historic data?

i know of trading systems that can trade multiple pairs yes but the mt4 strategy tester doesnt allow for backtesting on more that one assest at a time