String of losses

What makes you think you have what it takes to become a trader? You have to be pretty convinced of your own aptitude to think you can compete in the most lucrative game. Analyze yourself, is there evidence of exceptional ability?

Top traders don’t even discuss whether or not something is worth testing, they test it all. They think like the engineers at Audi and Tesla. This is not a puzzle or a hobby to them. You must be convinced that without this, you will forever remain a slave. For some it is already too late. I know exactly where I stand and no one can stop me. My resolve cannot be tested. If you’re apathetic towards life, step aside and let us handle this. Don’t half quit, do us all a favor and give up entirely.

If you don’t have the right attitude, you are likely not going to put in whats required to reach the top of the resource chain.

Emotion, Certainty, Capital

Exactly, a risk occurs to make you learn from the mistakes and helps in making you aware about the future uncertainty.

Depending on the trading probability. I can never guarantee 100% profit with a strategy. In this case, I have to trade depending on the probability.

And how exactly are you going to help? Say I’m one of the many who’d be interested, what strategies you have in mind to help recover the losses.

You dont seem sure of what you want. Traders that know what they’re doing don’t care about your insecurities. We have options, there are other people out there. We dont owe you anything and will move on without a second thought just like any successful company out there. So decide, are you an anchor or a drill

I don’t think anyone can move ahead without making losses. Your losses pave the way to a successful trading career.