Stuff i love to do

I love football and a game called vickings on my phone i enjoy talking and having fun i am 14 and i have a small job and get about £20


good to see you , you are very young i have seen in this forum , any interest you have about Forex trading ?

Mate, go and enjoy your life. You dont need to be on online forums. Socialise, play sports and study your school subjects.

Get the highest level qualification you can find. The subject doesn’t really matter.

Socialise a bit, but this is for fun, its not real life.

Do things you enjoy but be outstanding at at least one of these.

Get a job. Get a better job. that pays more.
Or one that points towards one that pays more.
Don’t waste your time looking for a job you love, follow the money.

Pretty young! So do you have any interest in forex trading, since you are at this forum?

Hello @robthebp! Are you interested in forex trading? You have a lot of time to study before you’re allowed to trade. But as others have suggested, better to enjoy life more then deal with trading a little bit later on.