Suggest me crypto wallet

Yes I heard about them, the only problem with them is that they are not integrated into multi-wallet cryptocurrency app. For some traders or investors it is important to be able to make fast exchanges between crypto, but making it via exchanges takes a lot of time because their withdrawals are slow. You basically pay for the speed.

Help a brotha out and share yours :grin:

Is this to take advantage of arbitrage situations perhaps?

So we are now able to have payments with bitcoin? If that is true that is really good info. I had bitcoin since it was 200 bucks and I have been waiting for that big boom and price rise. The experts are saying that it will have a crazy rise in this year up to 100k which will be amazing for me, but if it gets more than 20k I am getting rid of it. It is so hard to keep it away from hackers and a lot of the crypto wallets have been hacked recently. I was lucky to use OWNR Wallet because it is so easy and my bitcoin is safe there.

Hey! You know, I usually use Blackcatcard debit card and its option of hot crypto wallet. It works really great. You can charge EUR and then exchange for crypto. Before paying in euro, you have to exchange crypto to fiat in the app and then transfer money to your account The exchange rates are in the app as they are changing online but for me they always seem ok. Give it a try

Coinbase: Best Overall. And Trezor: Best for Hardware Wallet for Security is one of the best crypto wallets.


Hodling from $200? That`s fantastic. But getting rid of it at $20K will be a mistake by me. You can cash out something but not all. Just an advice.

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Is XRP good too? Any thoughts?

I have mixed minds about XRP lately but at this price you can always buy some and watch.

I prefer the most secure one. I use the wallet by Evercodelab. They use Everchain SDK . It is a software company that created Atomic Wallet and Guarda Wallet.

First time heard of it. I can take a look.

Anybody see this:

Your bitcoin may be safe but if thieves know how much you BTC own and where you live…

Im a victim of this leak too but they only know mail address and etc. No wallet info was exposed. Ive already received some phishing attacks into my mail but if youre cautious enough theres no problem.

Did you change your email address? Still worrisome because you don’t know exactly what they can do with that information, no? :open_mouth:

Hey there, some of the best crypto wallets you can use to store and retrieve your digital assets are Blockchain, Copay, and Coinbase. I’ve personally used them and they’re quite user-friendly.

No i didnt. They cant do nothing with this info. :wink:

Thanks. This are may be a good suggestions but i dont like them. Mainly cuz i dont like the idea to hold any crypto stored online. I prefer cold storages.

What about a hard wallet for holding? i always think about this for holding long term

Yes. Cold storages are the best way.