Suggestions regarding improving the fundamental part of "Forex Schools"


I’ve noticed that some people are requesting more information regarding fundamental analysis and macro economy in the “Forex School”.

I have som suggestions.

[B]1.[/B] List over most important economies, what they are trading and who they are trading with.

[B]2.[/B] Ranking of the most important economical reports that influence the FX market.

[B]3.[/B] List of those who posess large amounts of liquid assets and money. Banks, countries and financial institutions.

Any other suggestions?

Oooh I like this idea. Please feel free to contribute and we’ll be sure to try and accomodate your requests. :smiley:

I would if I could, but my knowledge on this area is limited. I’m mostly a technical trader, but I find macro-economy very interesting, and would like to know more about it.

I’ll bet a lot of people on this forum has a lot of knowledge about this.