i have no experience in trading yet. will someone suggest me a book which would be best for a beginner and it leads me to a swing trader

See if you can pickup “Technical analysis of the financial markets” by John J Murphy,
it will teach you just about everything you ever need, then you can also join the trading scool on here

Plus, be sure to check the school section on babypips, as it helped me a lot… and you can also find great tutorials on youtube… man, you can find everything on the Internet these days… love that! :59::smiley:

Just remember why you came here. Babypips has a great learning sources ever, just finish the forex school of babypips first. You wouldn’t put any topic like this here.

Surely we should listen to these guys. To avoid unnecessary questions :17:

Not sure about books, but a good place to start would be the school right here on Baby Pips.