Supply/Demand, VSA, Wyckoff with Petefader

cool, u can t complain about free stuff haha

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NFP. was short on gold 3 hrs before the news, fake break, weakness, banked some, stop at BE, now took some more off after the news, great friday haha

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1hr chart GOLD

5m entry on first NS after climactic vol, fake break, the works, took profit stop at BE, nice way to start the day

Hie im in serious need of the supply n demand indicator may i have for mt5 if yu hev it

Hope everyone’s new year is going well. If you’re trading my setups, you’re making money. I’ve had no losses this Month. Easy pickings.


when everything else is all over the place gold saves the day :smile:

selling all the way…

what s that, grid trading? from the daily point of view i d be bearish on gold, however from an intraday stand i wouln t sell gold today as i saw some heavy buying yesterday of the lows, untill that will change i m bullish from a ranging type of view also( selling off the highs and buying off the lows with vol increase in both cases). ofc i could be wrong, but i follow the volume as it keeps me away from scarce volatility or major balance in the market.anyways, that s what i m seeing, and to me so far that looks like a reaccumulation, so i d expect atleast a move up to that 50 fib and see how much selling pressure comes in there. cheers

another gold trade, actually only gold trades today since high impact news on CAD and most of pound pairs are at resist, something in the bank, stop at BE since we have EXISTING HOME SALES usd news in 30m.idk, but gold chart says only longs in play so far, i was waiting for the fake down seeing buying comin in and the vol increase in today s fib, bullish react, AR break etc. Low vol at previous highs would suggest that it might push thro that, but we ll see(i m looking at 15m chart cos that lvl seems to coincide with yesterday s AR on 15m after strenght. great day so far :smile:
update shakeout just now, test of AR on high vol, rejection bull reaction, adding more fuel to the fire and beliefs.

My gosh, this market is actually an ATM.

:smile: i ve 3 trades in january that i ve lost so far, 2 for not waiting for AR to break and another 1 where vol wasn t of the lows on 5m even tho on 1hr was showing high vol from lowest point, but i guess was a mix, and should only go for those that coincide on both tmfs. sarcasm aside, really close to an atm :smile:

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u streamed today on utube @petefader?

wasn t home almost all morning to trade and still i got 2 nice trades, banked half and i think i ll move stop to BE and let it run a few more hrs. damn even on fridays nice clear cut entries. what u was saying bout ATM? :smile: :smile: :smile:

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good old GOLD, daily fib, 1hr fib, weakness, smaller fib, no demand drop, ofc i went on AR break and test on low vol, 18 pips DD but there was no strenght, 60 pips drop, done for today :smile:

pound chf, overshoot of daily fib, wide spread down, bullish react (strenght) no supply confirmed with a bull engulfing. took half and stop at BE.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
I hope life and trading has been treating you well.
Boo yaa.

Anyone still actively trading this method? Or did they all quit? Or get so rich they cant be arsed posting on babypips…lol

Watching and waiting for a retracement on E/U.