I just noticed this! You can buy a PDF version of the lessons. So before I plunge my nickel down on it for the sake of supporting the site I have a few questions. With the purchase of the PDF do we get up-to-date versions?


The PDF is sold “as-is” meaning it is only for the current version of School of Pipsology.

That is slightly disappointing. I guess I will just have to support the site with my brilliant wit :wink:

money…money I’ve traded of course :smiley:

is the pdf the same info that is found throughout the school?

Indeed, however no ads and you support with money :wink: Also, having a hard copy to do as you please would be advantages as well!

I have not been able to download the PDF in the last three days.

If you click the purchase link it goes to a page not found error in paypal.

Would love to support the site :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too!