Support & resistance zones and their 'depth' in regards to differing time periods

Hi all,

Now I know there are no hard and fast rules regarding this subject but I’ve been curious as to the size of S & R zones and their pip depth. Now Generally when I draw S & R lines I start on a daily chart and go back a fair way… maybe a few years if need be to see if there have been any lines that may match the initial ones I initially drew on the daily in the recent past. I may even have a glance at the weekly and sometimes the monthly to see if they match up with my daily lines. (The logic being that this is a kind of confluence and gives the lines more weight)

Now I find these lines tend to lay on round numbers or halves of round numbers which comes as no surprise really. From here I go to all the hourly charts and plot lines there then finally I add some lines on the minute charts (though these feel kinda subjective at least to a novice such as myself)

Now my question is this: is there a general or approximate rule that can be used for estimating the zone sizes (in pips) for these various time charts? Eg a 100 pip zone for a daily etc. or can this only be reliably done by watching the charts play out over time thus getting an accurate zone after the fact? This is basically what I’ve been doing but have been wondering if a daily S & R zone is generally always the same size, once the volatility of the pair in question has been accounted for of course.

Any opinions guys? Cheers!