SVG Forex Brokers are safe?


I Am Jack from UK. I just met with forex thu facebook ad. Put my first deposit 2 weeks ago on invests360 generated 2000GBP and received the deposit on my card and my profit on my bank account. My question is if i will deposit 10-20k how safe it will be.
I already check the reviews of invests360 all good almost they dont have any bad review. Deposit and withdrawal are very fast and their web platform is insane.

Would like to hear from your opinion about SVG companies. I also opened an account on FCA regulated company but with 30 leverage 50% stop out i dont see any more benefit.

Hello Jack,

Welcome to this forum.

Congratulations on your beginner’s luck!

Don’t get cocky and start thinking that forex trades always go that way!

Regarding SVG brokers, there are a few that we recommend as being trustworthy and efficient.
I suggest that you spend some time studying this thread – Going Offshore to Escape the CFTC


Not sure where did you check the reviews, it’s not in FPA.

yup, there’s always beginner’s luck. I had a friend that was into forex at first, then i’m not sure what happened, but he ended up going to the casino and playing roulette all the time. He used to tell me he would win like $300 - 500 every time he would go, until one day he lost over $1,000 in a couple of spins. He should have just stuck with forex and learn proper risk management skills smh


What is FPA?
I have been doing quite well and started my advance training as well.
My account manager teach me how to read candle stick charts. Invests360 also has trader copy system i follow couple of successful traders with 10% it is generating some small profits.

Maybe you are correct but what i do believe is to learn forex trading i risk only small capital, i already made my profit and withdraw my capital.
The worst case scenario i will loose my profit. I started trading US Stocks with invests360 and so far i generated good profit. What i can advise to all beginner traders dont take more risks than you can afford.

I just started trading with this company, i had couple of bad experiences before but this signals and strategies provided on ACTIV8 platform works really good. I have around 78% success rate making 1-2% profit daily.

So far invests360 has the best technology i have ever seen, their spread offers are not the best but sometimes
need to pay for the quality. Keep up good work invests360.