Swing trading question?

I use 4hr and daily charts.

I use support and resistance, Fibonacci, my own trend lines and most importantly price action. I generally only trade with the overall trend, pullbacks and around key levels. I use 2 Ema’s on the daily chart for trend.

Is there anything else I could use to filter bad trades?
Or will I just get better in time with more time studying the markets?

I’m not a massive fan of indicators but I would never say no to something that helped or worked.


I feel you. Im in a similar position as you. I think the next level is understanding that we need to let time do the work for us. I will practice demo for 6 months, if I do good I will open a real account.

It depends what you call “bad trades”. Loosing trades always occur, the only thing you may do is to try and cut your loosing position quickly. But any system will give you loosing trades.

My advice would be to concentrate on how you manage your trades when there are opened and not allow the pips to go away.

Cheers for posts, advice taken on board.

good call. literally means, any successful trader are one who get use with the market, found it tune resulted from daily managed trading plan execution.

…depends on how youre combining those tools you use.

Maybe they need a little tweaking to get the right combination. I used to experiment with indicators myself, but I could not find that combination of settings on each of them that allowed me to get the accuracy I wanted. Perhaps if I spent a longer time I would have found it.

Because I couldnt find that right combo, I switched to only use Price Action without Indicators - Candlestick Formations and Patterns. They are very accurate on their own and once certain Candlestick Signals are used, they have a very high degree of accuracy in predicting market moves on those Larger Time Frames.

You can check out some of my trades that have used them successfully



I don’t rely on fibo, macd, BRN because price will reflect what the market is doing. I do like the ADX to measure the strength of the trend; direction in the higher TFs is easier to asses.

Yeah I am in the process of organising the tools I have decided to use, it’s the timeframes in which to use what? Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


well again, I cant speak to indicators but if you are going to use Price Candlestick Formations (CFs), my recommendations

  • Identify the CFs on the Daily Chart that generally have led to the breakouts you are looking for.

  • Go down to the 4 H chart and then look for strong CFs signals and setups that offered entry in that direction of the Daily Chart signal

  • Write down the average distance of these moves when they led to strong breakouts so that you can match up CFs with the profitable moves they offered.

Generally the best CFs on Daily Chart 1) Consolidation Breakouts 2) ABC Signals 3) Counter Trend Line Breaks

on the 4 Hour Chart…those same 3 plus Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Formations and Evening Stars

The theory behind this is that after the Daily Chart provides its signals, the 4 Hour Chart generally follows up with an entry signal to trade in that same direction. This relationship can be seen on other time frames as well, where a Higher Time Frame gives the signal and direction and the TF directly below it obeys it - after a lag.

What ever signal you use, if you see it first on the LTF, the STF will follow-up to offer an entry with a smaller Stop Loss.

Cheers drfxtrading,

Thats great advice, I’ve also had a look at charts you posted and they have helped also.

Yes RSI for range and ADX for trending markets. I don’t take any decisions based on them, but they act as the guidlines about money management. For example - I find a trade based on price action, if the indicator confirms my bias I enter with full risk (5%) If it doesn’t just half (2.5%) or less…

is swing trading trade with some pair in the same time ? do we have some plan with this strategy. i see each technical will have a plan for it. we have hedging, scapling, swing… this is some short term trading. i like trade in long term . we can protect our healthy.