System testing

:confused: i think i found a system that works on majority of the pairs .

1hr chart

macd = 5, 41, 1

test it out people and let me know what you thinkā€¦
you can put a 20 pip stop loss and as far as TP u determine but 20 or 30 would definately be on the safe sideā€¦ you should win more than 75% of your trades if done right.

let me know peopleā€¦ thanx.

whats the system? how do we use the indicators?

what do you mean what is the system, when the 13 and the 20 moving averages cross go the direction its crossingā€¦ if its crossin upwards its a buy order if its corssing downwards its a sell orderā€¦ u can also inculde a normal macd on there to make it easier to read.

So, what is the 60 ema for and if it is just two MAs crossing what do you need MACD for? Let us know.

Iā€™m just a newbie, but I think he means when the 13 AND 20 moving averages cross over or under the 60, you either buy or sell. Depending on which way itā€™s going. And the MACD is used for confirmation.