Take it easy trading system

Hy to all,
my name is Massimiliano.
I would like to share my trading system
TF: 30 min
Currencies: all (personally only the major)
Indicator: LWMA 55 , LWMA 100 , W% 50 period , Fractal
The point is to entry at the closure candle after the cross, W% above or below 50 level and place a sl on the min/max of the swing before the cross.
Exit at the subsequent cross and open in case a new trade
Personally I follow the major trend on D , 4H … but the system it work itself even if you follow only the 30 min charts.
This system give you the possibility to use little size since you will have a lot of signal with a reward of 100/150 usually… loss are very small if you have patience to wait the cross and manage the position with trailing stop , attached an example

If any of you like to share any opinion it will be great

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Thanks for the simple system.