Taking advantage of my trading strategy!

[B]Hi, I have developed a strategy to trade currencies and commodities and at this stage I am consistently breaking even, which I think it’s the middle step between consistent loses and consistent profits. In the end of the day the vast majority of traders are consistent losers.

The issue is that I don’t have enough capital (just under $100) to make decent money, so I find myself in a situation in which I know I can make money if I had the capital, but I don’t have it.

So, how can I use this? Could I try to work for a bank, or any trading firm?
Is it possible to find some private investor who would let me trade his capital, if I prove that I can make money?

I feel I have the ability to make good money but I can’t use it! This gotta be an opportunity for someone else out there with the capital!

Any ideas? Thanks.[/B]

Your not ready

What on earth does that mean?

Part of being a trader is saving your money. If you can’t save enough money for your trading then you need to improve first your saving skills

Why, specifically, are saving skills good for trading? And how would not having been able to save some decent capital affect the profitability of my strategy? I disagree, really.

Proved it that you can make money as you claim you can. How long you gonna prove it that you can make money consistently? If you have the qualifications and network, you might attract some capital after 5 years because you need to grow your $100 dollars.

Now, if you only have $100 dollar, it’s gonna take years. Another choice would be to prove it to Zulutrade that you can make money. If you do the Zulutrade route, please exercise proper money management, so your followers account will grow.

Another route is a job and work like crazy for 3 months and save your earnings and start from there.

[B][U]The fact right now is:[/U][/B]

  1. You haven’t proven anything yet
  2. You only have $100 dollars to start

if you can’t save money how in the world one can thrust his own money to you?

basic money management for any people in the world is the skill of saving money.

This is the way: work to win, save part of that money, invest that saved money when it is enough.

Normal people do that way. Just check the history of some successful investors or traders. A lot of them started with their own money, when they managed to grow that own money, some other wealthy investors give part of their own money to them. Is not the other way.

Something you NEVER want to do is to borrow money for investments. You can’t control the market, you can’t even control your own life. Anybody can tell when is the time to die, so if we can’t control our own life, much less the market, so if you get a loan for investments like forex, you can loss all that money, and be left with a huge debt, zero money.

Most experts here in the forum (I’m not an expert, I will be an expert when I make my first 1 million, I think) will recommend you start small, grow that equity and then offer your services to someone with more money, or with a PAMM account or another way. I think that a PAMM account is good way to start. In liteforex you can open a PAMM account with 200 USD, trade with virtual 25,000 USD that reflects the proportional trades on your own 200 USD and if you are profitable you can get investor’s money and profit from them. That way your system should work, because you trade on a 25k base, and if it works well, you can grow your own money and your investor’s money and profit from the commission you charge to your investors.

Agreed. Come on, trading with $100 is something we advise all newbies to do - usually for experience and to figure out a strategy for trading. And after a few months, they usually top their accounts - you get the idea.
I understand you have invested $100, fair enough and you are making some claims as to consistent performance but would not call “breakeven” a consistent performance and unless you start saving money or start trading more effectively, you’re going to be stuck with that $100 for awhile…
And on work, there are a few trading firms that do test amateur traders but the competition is really intensive…Think about it, the traders out there with little or no start up capital, check this forum and others and you’ll soon be able to spot them out. They are the ones who usually post “I need $10 for trading” etc. Would suggest that you call up a few brokers in your location and find out if they can use your services…

If you need money and think you have it together, write out contract agreements with a few friends, IN PERSON, shake hands, and go to work…

I just dont think losing consistantly is a good sign, reguardless what your profits are… If your hitting more losses then wins, what happens when you hit that 50 loss streak?

Its unreal how many people here think losing is OK,

If your losing, your approach is whack,

But hey, carry on, hope for your sake it works out…

$100 can take you a long way, but you cant trade 2% margin, you have to go all out, and be confident in your approach to EACH AND EVERY TRADE…

But seeing you lose more then win, well, $100 wont work of course,

Real investors, HATE LOSING,


Mate what I said is that I am consistently breaking even, not losing, which I feel it’s a giant step towards consistent profitability.

“In the end of the day the vast majority of traders are consistent losers”

Man, sorry, I misread it… I thought you said most of YOUR trades are consistent losers…

ANyhow, sorry…

I was fired up early this morning, lol…

Hey, I dont have but $100 to trade with either, and thats strugglin.,

Just have to make it work Bro

Some of the most succesfull traders have started exactly like you - young and with little or no capital.

They all had one thing that I suspect you also have - a vision - so they stuck with being a pizza delivery boy, they earned their initial capital (which many lost) and still drove on.

You are probably from the the UK and so have an advantage - you can use a spreadbetting co. - use that advantage, some will allow 20p -50p per pip - you can make that 100 grow - if you are consistently at b/e than you are already half way up the ladder.

My advice - rely on the person you trust most - yourself.

Is this on a live account and for how long have you consistently been breaking even?

Another thing - hate being one of these ‘mentalist’ characters - but I think you are a quick learner, maybe have’nt been learning this trading forex lark that terribly long, but you have taken to it, that is good.

If so then that single biggest obstacle to success will raise it’s ugly head - impatience - not only in trading but more importantly in learning - in learning there are no short cuts ,that’s the bad news, the good news is that the fruits of the learning will be far beyond b/e.

Yes, live account. Been breaking even for more than 40 trades.

Well yes I’m certainly a quick learner, been into it for 6 months now and as I said, I feel breaking even consistently is a giant step forward, prior to this I was losing with incredible consistency. And yes, I’m probably young and impatiente but I don’t let that interfere with the profitability of my strategy. Thanks for the advice!

Breaking even JUST FOR 40 TRADES? and you want to manage other people’s money?

Keep doing that for hundred more times over a span of over 3 years, but with a positive result. By the way, not just positive result, but how much money DD (% wise) was at risk to achieve a positive result. That’s the key to attract capital.

Two traders with 100% ROI per year:.

  1. First trader had a DD of 50% to achieved 100% ROI.
  2. Second trader had a DD of 10% to achieved 100% ROI.

Which trader will you invest?

Obviously number 2. I know 40 trades is not much but it’s a massive difference compared to the previous consistency of my loses. In the end of the day I have a very promising, already built, strategy, and I have gone trough a good deal of the learning process (I don’t make any impulsive mistakes any longer), which is more than what many traders had when they started trading for some firm.

Honestly wish there was something else we can suggest other than the obvious one - time to transform form the “break even” to “profits”. Granted you are not going to see much with a 2% MM on $100, but you can use it to take you to the next level. BTW, are you planning to trade full time? Just curious from seeing some of your replies…

So let’s summarize the facts:

  1. You only have $100 and need more financial backing to trade
  2. You have traded on live and from the last 40 trades, you made NOTHING, but you didn’t lose anything

Which shows that you are a fantastic trader and everyone should be throwing money at you … or actually, it shows that you are on the right track but so so far away from being a SUCCESSFUL CONSISTENT [B]PROFITABLE [/B]trader. Sorry to be harsh, but you are trying to run before you can crawl and that is a recipe for disaster.

What’s $100 these days, it’s nothing…it’s like £65.00 in the UK, that’s one days part time work!

Just get a job, even $1000/£650 is not that much work at the end of the day.