Taking the spread into account on stops and limits?

As most charts show Bid amounts, do we have to take the ASk amount for buys into account on all orders, eg

BUY ORDER with STOP AND LIMIT- both the stop and limit are sells so we only need to take the spread into account on the BUY.

SELL ORDER with STOP AND LIMIT - both the stop and limit are buys so we need to add in the apread otherwise we could be stopped out early?

using meta trader it shows the bid(Sell Price) so if you were going to go in on a buy pending order where ever you set the line (pending order) you will have to exclude the spread as the trade will be triggered before the price reaches the order beaceuse of the spread in m y case 3 pips

so for example if i want to buy on GBP/USD and i want to buy at 1.600 i would have to set the pending order at 1.603 for it to buy at 1.600

to go short

you would simply place the line (pending order) at the price you want it to go short


i want a sell pending order at 1.555 i would set the sell order at that price of 1.555.

hope i havent confused none

Yes, you’re correct but I’m talking about the stops and the limits not the entry.

It’s only the Limit Buys and the Stop Buys that you will have to adjust by the spread. Just remember that Limit orders and Stop orders can both be used to enter and exit the market

This means we lose more on shorts don’t we? …and gain more if we win.

SELL AT 1.5000 going for 50 pips on GBPJPY 7 pip spread
Instead of placing the stop at 1.5050 we have to place it at 1.5057?
Instead of placing the limit at 1.4050 we have to place it at 1.4043?

if you want a true SL of 50 pips (or what ever number) you have to include the spread for either buy or sell… so for example gbp/jpy spread is 6, so balance of SL is 44pip for a 50 pip SL.

You should notice anytime you place an order, you automatically start out negative by the spread.

You’ll always pay the spread somehow. If you go long, you pay the spread on the buy order, because you will be paying the Ask