Tea Time your favourite Tasty mug

What’s your favourite brand of tea ?
Regular Tea or decaffeinated

Regular (English Breakfast Tea). Love it. White, without.

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Regular with sugar :heart_eyes:

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Regular! Love either black or green tea!

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Excellent choice hard to beat :ok_hand:

Not tried Green really must do so :+1:

Lol I used to love tea with Sugar but still have a bloody sweet tooth :yum:

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Love bubble tea also. Classic. Cold. Milky. Quite sweet.

Lavazza Super Crema.

Sorry, just had to!.

Ooh which flavor do you like? I like the Brown Sugar ones! So high in sugar though lol

Well I’ve only had the Classic so far. I should explore the rest of the menu but there’s only one shop near me and I don’t go into the city often.

I’ll try the brown sugar if they have it.

Ive tried them all Assam, Darjeeling,Earl grey ect but prefere simple old Tetley tea bags .the water has to be boiling when hitting the teabag left about 3-4 minutes(strong).not too much milk and level teaspoon of sugar

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Very specific! Makes it perfect every time!

Ooh I’ve not tried Darjeeling yet! Have you ever been to TWG?

Yes it makes a nice brew some even heat the cup up with hot water before pouring into the mug/cup

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No silly me don’t know what it stands for ,blooming hell that was so long ago can’t remember some of the tea have a sort of strong fragrance like earl grey abit overwhelming,I had some south African tea my sister lives there, it had a strong sort of menthol flavour .

Oh it’s like a tea place!


Lots of locations around the world. Heaven for people who love tea!

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Oh I see,I generally prefere coffee in the morning .Tea nice when you get in, or after a long walk

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I am not very fond of tea but sometimes it’s the weather that makes me shift from my coffee to tea.