Techincal analysis: Basic Building Blocks

The Dow-Jones will sound familiar to anyone with a remotest interest in the financial markets. Charles Dow and Edward Jones founded Dow-Jones & Company in 1882; they published editorials in the Wall street journal in July 1884 outlining their basic ideas, which most technical traders will recognise. Dow Theory today forms the foundations of technical analysis despite new computer technology and supposed better technical indicators, Dow is the daddy of technical analysis.

From managing a robot to scalping the 1 minute charts, without these basic building blocks you are trading blind. Robert Woodbridge-Lee, former City Trader Canary Wharf London, is writing a series of simple easy to understand blogs to help new traders grab these basic building blocks.

The blog carries a few adverts to help pay for the time taken to write these articles, thats all.

You can see the blog entry hereā€¦

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