Techincal chart - 5minutes or onehour or one day?

You kind people can yu help pliz. I am a beginner trader still on practice account. Can anyone advise me on which option in terms of time period is better for checking currency trends in this technical chart - ProRealTime Forex

The options I saw are 5 minutes, 15 minutes , 30 minutes , one hour, or one day

Hi Christo,
I would suggest to start out by getting the matatrader4.0 platform. Can find it on . This platform lets you trade in a micro account. $0.10 a pip. And it also has most of the indicators for free that most other platforms charge you a premimun price for.
As for finding a tred. Never use the 5 min chart to find a trend. As for the rest of the time frames, that depends on what type of trader you want to be. The longer you plan on holding onto your deal the longer the time frame you want to look at.

I agree with Bazooko, I also found that the shorter the time frame, the more false buy/sell signals I get from my indicators. There is really no correct time frame to trade on, it depends on you as a trader.

5 M is purely noise that you see in the market. It is usually traded by professional scalpers and newbies dare not go near that. 1H should be minimum for newbies.

I also agree to stay away from the 1/5 min charts for trend trading - they are indeed just noise.

To determine trend - daily or 4 hour.

Trading - min 1/2 to 1 hour.

Use 1 min only to get the best entry.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

Thanks for this Bazooko I will try metatrader